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The "Shirts"

Blue Shirts

Brown Shirts

Yellow Shirts

Green Shirts

Purple Shirts

Red Shirts

White Shirts

The "Shoes"






The Captains

The Crew (Departments)






























Navy Terminology

A Rainbow of "Shirts" & "Shoes"

The complement of men and women aboard an aircraft carrier is impressive. From seamen, airmen, and
firemen to officers and the Marines, eveyone has a role and a whole host of responsibilities.

Flight Deck Colors
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Flight Deck Colors
Much goes into flight operations aboard today's modern US Navy aircraft carriers.
Preparations for a launch or recovery very much resemble a well-choreographed ballet.
Those involved in the evolution have specific, clearly defined roles, and are easily recognizable by the color of their jerseys and helmets.

The "Shirts"

Blue Shirts - Handling Crew

Brown Shirts - Plane Captains

Green Shirts

Purple Shirts - The "Grapes"

Red Shirts - Weapons (reports to Squadron Ord Petty Officer)

Yellow Shirts - Flight Deck Directors

White Shirts - Safety (reports to Safety Officer)


The "Shoes"

This section is still being developed... please stay tuned.