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Photo Gallery

Fitz and Ed met up with Jim Maravelias to tour the Kennedy at the Philadelphia shipyard. These are some of the snapshots they took this April of some of the interiors and exteriors of the ship (more will be posted soon.)

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Visit to Philadelphia snapshots of the KENNEDY- April 2010
Copyright © 2010, USS John F. Kennedy Museum

Trip to Philadelphia

This past April members from both the USS John F Kennedy Museum and the USS John F Kennedy Association met in Philadelphia to tour the Kennedy. A wealth of information concerning the condition of the ship was gathered during the day-long event. We were able to research and inspect in detail sixteen levels of the JFK cultimating with a memorable post-tour "afterglow meeting" on the Air Boss' Bridge. A strong bond was established; we were grateful to meet our counterpart to our effort to save the ship. We now have pictures and videos of the JFK at anchor in Philly which will be used with priceless information collected aboard. All of this material will be used to strengthen our studies in relation to restoration, refurbishment and development of the JFK. Quality assessments can now be made to estimate money, time, and materials needed to restore the JFK into her former glory and give her renewed life as the USS John F Kennedy Museum.