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Navy Terminology


The Air Wing describes the entire fleet of aircraft aboard the carrier and each squadron assigned to the ship
during deployment and is not actually part of the ship. This is what is referred to as an "embarked command."
So the inherent nature of a squardron is a temporary one in that they don't necessarily remain with the same CV throughout their active duty.

In the following tables are listed the various Air Wings, Squadrons, Aircraft and Deployments of the USS John F Kennedy, over the nearly 40 years of service. You will notice that numerous squadrons were assigned to CV-67
(also referred to as CVA-67 prior to December 1974) and many were reassigned via multiple deployments. The following squadrons saw the most time aboard the USS John F Kennedy: the TopHatters (with 13 deployments)
and the Swordsmen (with 12 deployments) serving over half of the twenty-one (21) deployments.

The next most populous squadrons are the Clansmen, Blue Hawks, Blue Blasters, Sunday Punchers, Seahawks,
Dusty Dogs, and Checkmates with eight (8) deployments each followed by the Dragon Slayers, Rawhides and
Torch Bearers each with six (6) deployments aboard the "Kennedy".

Contributed hy Robert M. Cieri

Photo contributed by Robert M. Cieri

The U.S. Navy listed the following squadrons as having served aboard the USS John F Kennedy. These will be listed
by Air Wing (grouped in the tables below) in descending deployment-date order. But first, here is a legend definining each squadron prefix.

VA - Attack squadrons
VAH - Heavy attack squadrons
VAW - Carrier airborne early warning squadron
VAQ - Tactical electronic warfare
VRC - Fleet logistics support squadron deployment
VF - Fighter squadron
VFA - Strike fighter squadron
VMA (AW) - Marine (all weather) fighter attack squadron
RVAH - Reconnaissance attack squadron
VQ - Fleet air reconnaissance
HC - Helicopter combat support squadron
HS - Helicopter anti-submarine squadron
VMFA - Marine fighter attack squadron
VS - Anti-submarine squadron or Sea Control Squadron
VAK- Tactical aerial refueling squadron


Squadrons & Aircraft - CVW-17 (AA)
7Jun04 - 13Dec04 Mediterranean, Persian Gulf
VA-83 Rampagers A-4C / FA-18C(N)
VA-81 Sunliners A-4C / FA-18C
VA-34 Blue Blasters A-6A/B/C / KA-6D / A-4E/ FA-18C(N)
VRC-40 Det.1 Rawhides C-1A / C-2A
VF-103 Jolly Rogers F-14B
VAQ-132 Scorpions EA-6B
VAW-125 Tigertails E-2C Hawkeye 2000
HS-15 Red Lions SH-60F/HH-60H
VS-30 Diamond Cutters S-3B


Squadrons & Aircraft - CVW-7 (AG)
7Feb02 - 17Aug02 Mediterranean, Northern Arabian Sea
VAQ-140 Patriots EA-6B
VF-11 Red Rippers* F-14A / F-14B
VRC-40 Det. 1 Rawhides C-1A / C-2A
VF-143 Pukin' Dogs F-14B
VFA-136 Knighthawks** FA-18C(N)
VFA-131 Wildcats FA-18C(N)
VAW-121 BlueTails E-2C
HS-5 Night Dippers SH-60F/HH-60H
VS 31 Topcats S-3B

*     Operation Iraqi Freedom
**   Operation Enduring Freedom

Squadrons & Aircraft - CVW-1 (AB)
22Sep99 - 19Mar00 Mediterranean, Persian Gulf
VF-102 Diamondbacks F-14B
VMFA-251 Thunderbolts FA-18C(N)
VFA-82 Mauraders FA-18C(N)
VFA-86 Sidewinders FA-18C
VRC-40 Det. 1 Rawhides C-1A / C-2A
VAW-123 Screwtops E-2C
HS-11 Dragon Slayers SH-3D/SH-3H / SH-60/HH-60H
VS-32 Maulers S-3A / S-3B
VAQ-137 Rooks EA-6B

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